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Welcome to Art by Rayneri


Oscar Rayneri, watercolor artist, moved to Dahlonega, Georgia to be closer to some of his favorite subject matter. It is here, among the beauty of the mountains that he searches out waterfalls, rustic barns, flowers, and landscapes to capture in his paintings. Our nation’s architectural past has also influenced Rayneri’s choice of subject matter with scenes from cities like Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC, Williamsburg, VA and St. Augustine, FL. He has also travelled to Italy where he painted for two weeks in the Tuscany region. Inspired by these cities and others like them, his artwork exemplifies many attractive features of historical architecture, as he paints their brownstones, master craft shops, romanesque architecture and colonial inns. By featuring these treasures from the pasts’ simpler days, Rayneri brings out nostalgic feelings that tug at our hearts. 

Take a look around and enjoy my collection!

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